Pebble in Your Shoe

Pebble in Your Shoe
TRT: 9 minutes 45 seconds
written and directed
Debra Cohen

Kelvin Hale as Ray
Leon Ferguson as Sedge
Director of Photography: Ryan Bajornas
Assistant Director: Julia Aldana
Assistant Camera & Boom: Ignacio Lopez
Script Supervisor: Maxine Gawron
Production Assistants: Edward Lloyd, Jaime Eikkens, William Pan
Editing, Design & Production: Debra Cohen
Boxing Script Consultants: Kelvin Hale and Leon Ferguson, Laurence Covington, Frank James Spear Jr. and James Clarke
Music: 'One Step' by Kaboose

Ray and Sedge know each other from the boxing gym where they both train. They bump into each other on the street and update each other on what's been going on.

The Genesis of Pebble - I have taken the Advanced Directing course with Shimon Dotan at the New School twice. The first time I took Advanced Directing, I wrote and directed 3 short films. The 2nd time, when I started the course, as usual I had no idea what my film would be about. I was away the first week or two of the course. When I got to the class I found out that it would be ending early. This would leave me in Manhattan with a few hours break before working at 7 PM that Friday evening.

I went to Cafe Dante in the Village for some cappuchino. There I got into a conversation with an African American man at the next table about Muhammad Ali. I had just seen Ali on the NAACP awards on TV the previous week. This man spoke in a most inspiring way about Ali. I wish I could have recorded him. Coincidentally, the following week, a documentary aired on TV about Ali. During this time I firmed up my decision to make my film about boxing and Ali, subjects that I didn't know much about, but I felt that this is where my inspiration was. Pebble in Your Shoe's title is based on a quote by Muhammad Ali -- see below.

Pebble was shot twice. The 2nd shoot had an expanded script and a new actor for Sedge. Kelvin Hale, ex-pro boxer and talented actor, played Ray in both Pebble shoots.

from Kelvin Hale's (Ray in Pebble in Your Shoe) IMDB site:
Pebble in Your Shoe is a short film in which Kelvin portrays a pro-boxer named Raymond. One of his lines from the film is, "boxing gave me direction, sh't it saved my life!" This excerpt is not only a truth to the character of reflects on Kelvin's personal experience...boxing saved Kelvin's life.
Kelvin Hale's IMDB link

----- Comments on 'Pebble in Your Shoe' -----

I watched Pebble with great interest. You made a really meaningful and moving film! Congratulations! - S.D.

Pebble is compelling and will do well. - T.S.

I really enjoyed the Pebble film. - A.G.

Pebble in Your Shoe was screened as part of the NewFilmmakers Summer Program 'About New York Life' in September 2010.

It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.
- Muhammad Ali

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