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Sister Irene Fugazy – Interview 10-26-2006

Passion for a Saint

Passion for a Saint - Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

I worked with Sister Irene Fugazy for 10 years on a Kiosk/Traveling Museum project. Her lifelong love has been for the Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, the foundress of the Sisters of Charity, and Sister Irene's passion has been to get Seton's story out to the world.

Sister Irene has now moved out of her office and "retired" at the age of 89. So the footage I have of the interview of her in her office can never be repeated as her office is no more.

I filmed this interview in October 2006. I started working on it afterwards but didn't complete it. I think that this Fall 2009, I will prep the video, and add a few cutaways.

Seeker to Saint

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