Total Running Time: 4:15
written and directed
Debra Cohen
Maureen O'Boyle as 'Clipboard'
Tina Ward as Linda, the Pedestrian
Assistant Director - Julia Aldana
Sound - Kenneth Anderson
'Impromptu in Blue' - Music by Kevin Macleod
Clipboard is a short film about the interaction between a fundraiser (with a clipboard) on the street and the pedestrian who stops by. We've all had at least one experience with a 'Clipboard', if only that we have been stopped on the street by one of them asking for a minute of our time.

Let's see what happens with this Clipboard's fundraising attempts...

Though definitely not verbatim, Clipboard is based on an experience that I had a few years ago in front of Whole Foods on 7th Avenue and W. 24th in New York City. I don't usually stop to chat with fundraisers on the street ('Clipboards'), but this time I did and hers was a Democratic cause, about increasing the percentage of the voting population. But it ended up being an unpleasant exchange and with this short film I've gotten my retribution and had my fun...
Clipboard was screened at the Big Apple Film Festival in Tribeca in Manhattan in November 2008, part of the 2PM Program of short films screened on Saturday, November 22nd.

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